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J-Pop Go Merchandise

J-Pop Go found itself doing many more guest slots and appearances throughout 2013. It made sense to captialise on these appearances by introducing a new range of merchandise to sell online and at events. Arc23 put together the design work … Read More

Electricity Club Apparel

With the success of The Electricity Club as the UK’s premier source of news, reviews, interviews and info on the electronic music scene it was inevitable that some merchandise tie-ins would loom on the horizon. As a result, Arc23 produced … Read More

Anytime Demolition

A web development project for a London-based demolitions and groundworks company. This project is a straightforward website designed to showcase the company’s abilities, offer some sample projects and provide contact details. Check out our Web section for more examples of … Read More

Chelsea Manor Brochure

This project involved the design of a promotional brochure for a new development project situated off Kings Road, Chelsea. Arc23 produce a lot of brochure and print projects, particularly ones connected with property development. There’s usually a challenge when the … Read More

Japanese Maids Cafe London

Promotional design work for a Japanese-styled Maid Cafe event in London. This extensive project involved the production of a variety of promotional posters, flyers and online graphics to highlight the London-based Japanese Maid Cafe. The Maid Cafe concept is a … Read More

J-Pop Go

An eye-catching graphic to promote the new J-Pop Go event which took place in July 2012. In the process of advertising the regular Japanese music event, Arc23 gets the opportunity to produce colourful and exciting visual images (this time in … Read More