Akemi Tanaka is a UK-based Japanese cultural commentator and teacher. She is active in the worlds of business, diplomacy, education and the arts where she strives to combine traditional beliefs with the best of modern technology and ideas. In her presenting and consulting, she aims to promote awareness and appreciation of authentic Japanese culture in an accessible and enjoyable manner.

Akemi is responsible for organising Japanese social events and also appears as a speaker on Japanese cultural traditions at a variety of functions. Amongst the topics she presents are the tea ceremony, kimono displays, brush-writing, martial arts, manga workshops, traditional Japanese food and more.

Among her past activities, she has dressed Kelly Osbourne in a kimono for a magazine photo shoot, performed a tea ceremony for the Lord Mayor of London, worked with a BBC documentary team on Japanese ideals of beauty and assisted a prince of the Japanese imperial family with a speech to an international gathering of martial artists. She has featured on BBC Radio and Channel 4.

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